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Vikki Goodwin emerging as leader of state Democrats

Texas state Rep Vikki Goodwin, HD47, continues to emerge as an impressive leader of state Democrats.

“At  a Vikki Goodwin event, you not only hear Vikki’s insights, but also of other key Democratic candidates,” remarked NSD President Mike Killalea. “She is really creating opportunities for many dedicated Democrats statewide.”

Goodwin represented the North Shore of Travis County until our area was gerrymandered from District 47 to District 19, now represented by a Republican. Goodwin is now mulling a run for lieutenant governor. (1)

She has a great record of sharing the mic with other Dems.

At recent Goodwin event, for example, US Senate candidates Texas state Sen Roland Gutierrez and state Rep Carl Sherman both spoke.

More recently, Goodwin hosted speakers from around the state.

In the recent (seemingly endless) Legislative session, Goodwin racked up several accomplishments:

  • Natalie Cox Act: Violence prevention through education of resources, protective order, and ability to exit a lease

  • Cati’s Act: Prevents drownings of young children by requiring the use of life jackets by child-care providers. NSD endorsed the bill

  • Acudetox: Expanded access to this non-pharmaceutical mental health procedure which can reportedly help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms

  • Food Security and Resiliency Planning Council: Established to help farmers and food banks

Goodwin: ‘Fund our neighborhood public schools now!’

Goodwin, a strong supporter of public schools, was a staunch opponent of school vouchers.

“Texas had a $33 billion surplus, but the Legislature missed an unparalleled opportunity to do something significant for our public schools,” Goodwin explained. “A bi-partisan coalition of representatives repeatedly declined to pass the Governor’s universal voucher scam, which would send public tax dollars to private schools.

“Our message to the Governor is: “Fund our neighborhood public schools now!”

While education is high on Goodwin’s priority list, it’s not the only one. (2)

In her fourth term, Goodwin says she will pursue enabling gun safety and reproductive health care, in addition to supporting public schools


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