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Vikki Goodwin mulling run for lieutenant governor: She’d make a great one!

State Rep Vikki Goodwin, HD-47, announced that she is mulling a run for lieutenant governor. The dedicated Democrat included the announcement at an inspiring reelection kickoff event in early November.

Given the heartlessness and corruption of the current administration, Goodwin’s occupancy of the LG office would be a breath of fresh air.

Goodwin is in her third term representing Texas House District 47 in Western Travis County. She had represented Lago Vista, until redistricting shoehorned LV in the current ruby-red district, HD-19.

She focuses on supporting public schools, addressing health and public safety issues, and helping small businesses (1). Goodwin is also known for reaching across the aisle to accomplish tangible results for constituents.

In the recent session, four of her bills became law. Two of the laws, the Natalia Cox Act and Cati’s Act, both resulted from tragedies and both intend to prevent other families from going through similar tragedies.

North Shore Democrats of Travis County was active in the successful effort to pass Cali’s Act.

Another law expands Acudetox, a non-pharmaceutical mental health therapy. Goodwin’s fourth law created the Texas Food System Security and Resiliency Planning Council.



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