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Trump insulted Biden for years: now he’s changing his tune

By Mike Killalea, NSD president

After years of characterizing President Biden as feeble and weak, the Trump campaign is changing its tune.

Now, two days out from the first Presidential debate, Trump claims Biden is a “worthy debater.” He’s openly mused about losing on purpose — as if he could win. Meanwhile, his choir of flunkies suddenly sing in the key of “Biden’s very sharp!” (1,2). 

“I’m not underestimating him,” said the Orange Convicted Felon.(3)

He might also be laying the groundwork to drop out.

Remember four years ago, when Trump claimed Biden was on drugs? Yawn. He’s at it again! And once again, the Trump toadies are calling for Biden to be drug tested. (4,5,6,7,8,9) 

(Ironically, one of said flunkies is US Rep Ronnie Jackson, R-Texas. It was Jackson, who, as White House physician, conducted a cognitive test on then-President Trump. At a recent rally, Trump, challenging Biden to a cognitive test, repeatedly called Jackson “Johnson.” He was deaf to the irony, I suspect. (10,11))

Will he ghost the debate?

One must wonder if the Orange Convicted Felon is laying the groundwork to drop out of the debate, painting himself once again as the wronged martyr.

And it’s all the usual, tired tricks: the debate / election / trial is rigged against me, the moderators hate me and don’t smile, everyone’s against me, my evil opponent is on drugs, yada yada. Then, having lost, he will ride a huge wave of victimized fund raising.

Most recently, after challenging to debate Biden “anywhere, anytime, any place,”— and saying he'd be "willing to take anybody" as moderator — Trump complained Saturday that the debate format is "like death. (Was he unaware that “anywhere” and “any place” mean the same thing?) (12)

He’s fighting with CNN, complaining that it will be “three against one.” (12)

Trump knows his only shot at not losing to Biden is to avoid the debate.


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Jun 25

Excellent article. You could be right!

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