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The Lago Vista 4th of July parade is just 3 days away!

Come cheer us on. Better yet, join us! Our “Stand Up Together” coalition will be meeting up in the St. Mary’s staging area on Dawn Drive at 9:30 AM to march in support of democracy!

Democrats, Progressives, Millennials, and others will be gathering for the 3/4 mile walk (or ride) at 10 AM down Dawn Drive. The more, the merrier!

We’ll have a float, signs to carry, patriotic fans to hand out to the crowd, great music, and even bubbles! And plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Show your support for fairness, diversity, equality, compassion, the environment, and the rule of law.

Just show up at 9:30 and sign in to join us. For more information, go to,

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