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Enthusiastic crowds greeted us during Lago Vista’s 4th of July parade!


The day was perfect - blue skies, sunshine, and a welcome cooling breeze. 


There were more entries and more people lining the 3/4 mile route than we remember seeing before.


We saw fewer Trumpers than last year, and they were certainly less vocal. And many more cheers from folks that liked us. 


Ezzy Gokcek and Tammy Foskey carried our 10 ft lead banner proudly proclaiming “Stand Up Together.” 


Our veteran driver, Wayne McCullough, drove the decked out float, and Z (Ezzy’s mom) drove the Gokcek’s family jeep with the Uncle Sam doll peeking out the back hatch.


Our music man, Jack Alford, broadcast great music from the back of the float, and operated the bubble machine. We saw lots of kids trying to catch the bubbles!


We handed out 250 Stand Up Together flag fans, hundreds of Tammy’s temporary tattoos (a big hit), and, of course, candy.


The event was live streamed by NSD president Mike Killalea who walked along with us. Also with us was Kerry Stevens, vice-chair of the Travis County Democratic Party and our representative to the Chicago Convention.


Some participants carried hand-made signs on issues important to them. Others carried candidate signs and peace symbols.


The crowd responded to our waves and cheerful greetings. It seemed to us that there were many more Democratic supporters in the crowd than ever before.


All in all, a big success! Thank you, one and all, who joined us or cheered us on.


We are a new non-profit coalition of local groups and individuals on the North Shore of Lake Travis who value fairness, diversity, equality, compassion, the environment, and the rule of law. We support political leaders who have the same values.


Our first project was to work together to create a “Stand Up Together” entry for the 2024 Lago Vista 4th of July parade.

Our Coalition


North Shore Democrats of Travis County (link to


Progressives of Lago Vista

Lago Vista Millennials


Lago Vista LBGTQIA+ & Allies


Lago Vista Mischief Crew 

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