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Robert Reich on "The Second Biggest Republican Lie"

Our previous blog post discussed the largest dark-money donation ever given to a nonprofit political group. In his latest blog, Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich addresses the newest Republican lie, that "87,000 new IRS agents are coming for you." In fact, the new funding for hiring IRS agents will allow the agency to better investigate the complex finances of the most wealthy Americans, who, by some estimates, are hiding approximately 20 percent of their income from taxation. Most of us, who pay our (relatively small) share of taxes, are probably not worth auditing, and have little to fear from increased IRS enforcement efforts. But imagine what the Federal government could do with the money that would come from making the super-rich (like the guy who made the 1.6-billion-dollar donation and avoided $400 million in income tax) pay their fair share of taxes.

You can read or listen to Robert Reich's piece here:

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Jack Alford
Jack Alford
Sep 02, 2022

Here's an editorial from the Washington Post, explaining how most of the new IRS hires will be replacing employees expected to retire in the next 10 years, and how the additional funding will actually allow the agency to investigate the more complex returns of rich taxpayers (or tax-avoiders):


Jack Alford
Jack Alford
Aug 31, 2022

Here's another story on this topic, from The Washington Post:

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