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PEC District 3 Election, 2023

Almost all of us are members of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) – because that’s who supplies our electrical power, and if you’re a customer, then you’re also a voting member.

Now – raise your hand if you have ever voted in a PEC election! My hand is not raised either…

We probably get out to vote in a Presidential election year, and maybe for Statewide elections – but maybe not for constitutional amendments, city propositions, or even school board elections. And when it comes to completely separate elections, like stock shareholder elections – or electric co-op elections – many of us are just too busy to get around to learning about what or who is on the ballot, and then voting for the issues or candidates we support.

Most of us in NSD territory are residents of PEC District 3, and this year we have the opportunity to vote for our representative to the PEC Board of Directors. There are three candidates running for this position – each has relevant experience and qualifications. Click each candidate’s name to view more information about that candidate.

  • Mark Ekrut – the incumbent, and current President of the Board of Directors. Endorsed by Mayors of Lago Vista and Jonestown

  • Michael Guess retired technology executive with over 30 years of experience in the power utility and telecommunications industry.

  • John Hoffner – endorsed by Mayor of Cedar Park, State Representative Vikki Goodwin, Williamson County Democratic Party, and Austin Sierra Club

John Hoffner also has a Facebook page and a website. Mr Hoffner, a veteran of more than 35 years in the energy and utilities industry, pledges greater transparency from the PEC board, and to make the board more accountable to co-op members. He also supports embracing new technologies, such as solar and wind, noting that PEC should not pit one energy source against another.

North Shore Democrats urge you to review all available information about candidates, and vote for the candidate whose positions you believe best align with our Democratic values, and your personal priorities.

For more information about the election, see the PEC website. You should have recently received a letter containing your official ballot for this election. You’ll need to mail in your ballot to register your vote, before June 9.

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