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LV mayoral contest a 3-person race; no competition for LV council place 5, ISD Board slots 4, 5

It’s a three-candidate race for Lago Vista mayor, but nobody has emerged to challenge incumbents for council place 5, nor for LV ISD Board slots 4 or 5 (references 1, 2).

Incumbent Mayor Edward “Ed” Tidwell slipped under the deadline to file for reelection just before the Aug 21 deadline. His opponents are Kevin Sullivan, LV council place 2, and Jim Peck. (Candidates’ names are shown in bold on first reference only.)

Meanwhile, LV council places 1 and 3 are contested, while only the incumbent has filed to run for place 5. (See below for list of candidates.)

NSD is holding a Candidates’ Night on Oct 24 for mayoral and city council aspirants (3).

Similarly, LV ISD Board places 4 and 5 are competition free. Only the incumbents, have filed to run. (See below for candidates.)

LV council place 1 is the only position in which an incumbent is not running. Candidates are Shane R Saum and Arch Davila.

Lago Vista ISD holds elections annually for some of its seven Board of Trustees positions, according to an LV ISD spokeswoman. However, if all seats available during a given election are uncontested, LV ISD will cancel the election, and the current office holders will be considered the election winners. If only one available position is contested, all available positions will be listed on the ballot, according to the spokeswoman (2).

Given that no one is contesting the incumbents for ISD place 4 and 5, these candidates will probably not be listed on the November ballot.

The complete list of candidates is below.

City of Lago Vista

The following City Council positions will be filled in the upcoming general election: Mayor (Ed Tidwell, incumbent), Council Member Place #1 (Gage Hunt, incumbent), Council Member Place #3 (Rob Durbin, incumbent), and Council Member Place #5 (Paul Roberts, incumbent).

Lago Vista mayoral & council candidates (1)


Kevin Sullivan

Jim Peck

Edward “Ed” Tidwell (incumbent)

Council member place 1

Shane R Saum

Arch Davila

Council member place 3

Rob Durbin (incumbent)

Dick Weatherly

Council member place 5

Paul Roberts (incumbent)

Lago Vista ISD candidates (2)

Place 4: Rich Raley (incumbent)

Place 5: Greg Zaleski (incumbent)

Note: Neither candidate will be listed on the November ballot, according to LV ISD practice.

Important Dates for November 7, 2023 Election (2)

  • June 22 - Deadline to Post

  • July 22* - First Day to File for a Place on the Ballot (*Because this date falls on a Saturday the first day to file is July 24, 2023 TEC (Sec. 31.122(b)))

  • August 21 - Last Day to File for a Place on the Ballot

  • TBD - Drawing of Name for Placement on the Ballot

  • October 10 - Last Day to Register to Vote (VoteTexas.Gov or Travis County Tax Office — )

  • October 23 - First Day of Early Voting by Personal Appearance - locations TBD

  • October 27 - Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail (received, not postmarked)

  • November 3 - Last Day of Early Voting by Personal Appearance

  • November 7 - Election Day - Vote Center Locations


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