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Had enough of the GOP clown car? Show your True Blue colors!

by Mike Killalea, NSD president

Had enough of Republicans fighting against public schools, women’s rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, and against democracy itself? The GOP coddles nazis, deregulates environmental protections, and decides what’s best for your child in health care and education. That’s not right for us, and we doubt it’s right for you.

Beyond their evil intents, today’s GOP is a gift that keeps giving for comics worldwide. As reported by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, Rep Marjorie “Jewish Space Lasers” Greene, R-Ga, recently tried to censure Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) on accusations of being antisemitic (1). The resolution was so flawed that 23 Republicans voted against it. (Tlaib was ultimately censored, however.)

Greene — ready, fire, aim — sprayed a rhetorical shotgun at several of her own party. This included good ol’ Rep Lauren Bobert, R-Colo, whom Taylor described as “vaping groping Lauren Boebert.”

Comedic? Maybe. Problematic from a governing standpoint? To say the least.

Not to be outdone in party infighting, the Texas Legislature recessed after a failed special session to pass Greg Abbott’s prized school-voucher program. Predictably, Republicans blamed one another, not only for the voucher crash, but for border security (2).

“The Texas House, under the failed leadership of Dade Phelan, has again failed to advance meaningful legislation to secure the Texas border,” griped Lt Gov Dan Patrick, saying Phelan was beholden “only” to the Democrats who put him in office (2).

For his part, Phelan shrugged and wrote, “We did our part…. It is time for the Senate to fulfill its responsibility to the people of Texas.”

Had enough? Go Blue

Join the North Shore Democrats of Travis County in our work to build a better future for our beloved North Shore, and for Texas as a whole.

There is a lot to do in the Lone Star State, as we hurtle toward primaries in May, and a Biggest Of All Time (BOAT!) election in November. Up for grabs — a Texas US Senate seat, currently being abused by Sen Ted Can-cruz. Texas Dems have lots of bench strength that beats Cruz hands down.

Vote blue, blue, blue!

Our 2024 membership drive is on. Sign up or renew at .

With your paid $20 membership for 2024, you are entitled to club voting privileges, a $5 discount off our new t-shirts. That’s $35 for your 2024 membership, and a new t-shirt featuring a nice, new color scheme.

But wait! There’s more:

  • Help turn Texas blue in this 2024 BOAT! election

  • Club voting rights

  • T-shirt discount

  • Hear from key Demo players and candidates

  • Support canvassing, phone banking

  • Support NSD web, newsletter, social media

  • Show your True Blue stripes!

  • Enjoy member pricing at Chamber of Commerce luncheons

Join us in cyberspace!

Facebook: North Shore Democrats of Travis County




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