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GOP works to steal women’s freedoms, and plan national abortion ban: Dems mobilizing to stop them

It’s been a brutal two years since the right-wing US Supreme Court shattered American’s half-century of protections under Roe v Wade, and unleashed a tidal wave of oppressive state laws.

Make no mistake: Trump and MAGA Republicans are working to ban abortion access nationwide:

  • Trump endorsed allowing states to punish and prosecute women who have an abortion and refused to rule out signing a nationwide abortion ban (1)

  • Trump has repeatedly bragged that he supports a national abortion ban (2,3,4)

  • Trump “proudly” killed Roe v.Wade and thinks that cruel abortion bans across the country are “working very brilliantly”s (5,6)

  • Trump continues to take credit for overturning Roe, and boasts about it any chance he gets (7,8,9)

So much for women’s rights and health.

“In the two years since Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justices overturned Roe v Wade, millions of women across the nation have fallen victim to draconian abortion bans and attacks on other aspects of reproductive health care,” wrote Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Monique Alcala.

“Access to abortion, contraception, and IVF shouldn’t be in question – but it is, all because of Trump, Ted Cruz and Texas Republicans.”

It’s true the Republican Party is the enemy of fair and humane health care for women — and for any American who’s not rolling in lucre.

What the good guys are doing

President Biden and Vice President Harris, on the other hand, are polar opposites of the freedom-hating GOP. Biden and Harris are fighting to protect a women’s right to choose through:

  • Calling on Congress to codify the protections of Roe into law, restoring rights women relied on for nearly 50 years (10)

  • Strengthening patient privacy and access to contraception (11,12)

  • Supporting a woman’s right to travel for medical care (13)

  • Promising to veto a national abortion ban and affirming that, if given a Democratic majority in Congress, they will codify the protections of Roe in federal law once and for all (14)

“If Trump receives a second term as president,” warns Alcala, “he and his MAGA cronies like Cruz want to double down on this anti-choice, anti-freedom agenda and implement a nationwide abortion ban.

“Texas women won’t stand idly by as Republicans continue to put their rights on the chopping block. We are mobilizing every day to ensure that a national ban never comes to fruition. Come November, Texans will reject extremism and elect leaders that trust and champion reproductive freedom.”

Cruz dodges hard questions on abortion, as usual

Meanwhile Texas US Senator and national laughingstock Ted Can-Cruz continues to waffle on abortion issues. Late last week, despite Cruz’s “confidence” in the Texas Medical Board, the board failed to give clear guidance to physicians who perform emergency abortions. (13,14)

When Cruz was asked to comment on the Board’s dangerous guidance, “Cruz's office did not respond to the Statesman's request for comment on the adopted rules.” (14)

The Texas' medical misconduct watchdog on Friday unanimously adopted regulatory guidance on abortions, making limited changes to a proposal that Texas OB-GYNs, medical associations and others said would create further hurdles for doctors and for patients in need of emergency care amid the state's near-total ban on the procedure. (14)

Allred slams anti-choice Can-Cruz

US Rep Colin Allred, D-Dallas, took the opportunity to slam U.S. Senate opponent Ted Cruz, the Republican incumbent, for calling Texas' abortion ban "perfectly reasonable.”

“It is unconscionable for a woman’s critical health care decisions to be made by judges, politicians and an appointed board when they should be between a woman and her doctor,” Allred said in a news release.

“When I’m in the Senate, I’ll fight to restore the standards set by Roe v. Wade and return the right to make these difficult decisions to Texas women and their doctors.”



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Jul 07

Do you think Trump will stop his bragging about reversing Roe v Wade, now that he's disowned Project 2025?

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