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GOP’s Katie Britt: Up by her bootstraps from white privilege to even whiter privilege

By Mike Killalea, NSD president

To hear Katie Britt recount it, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps from middle-class white kid to United States Sen White Lady. You’d think she’d raised herself up from slavery.

“My American Dream allowed me, the daughter of two small business owners from rural Enterprise, Alabama, to be elected to the US Senate at the age of 40,” said Britt, a consummate Washington insider who worked for then-Alabama Sen Richard Shelby since 2004. The Alabama senator gave the GOP response to President Biden’s brilliant State of the Union speech

“Growing up sweeping the floor at my dad’s hardware store and cleaning the bathroom at my mom’s dance studio, I never could have imagined what my story would entail,” said the cheerleader-chic senator dreamily. “To think what the American Dream can do across just one generation, in just one lifetime, is truly breathtaking.”

Amazing, Katie. Up from white privilege to even whiter privilege! What an accomplishment.

GOP unarmed in battle of wits with Biden

And the GOP should have checked its script following SOTU. Biden made mincemeat of the GOP House clowns. In a battle of wits with Biden, the House GOP were unarmed. 

Biden dominated the MAGA crowd.

GOP economics: Oops!

And while she moaned about the state of the economy under Biden, the morning news blared that 275,000 new jobs were created in February.


She hammered away at the evil fallout from inflation. But fresh data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that prices rose 3.1 percent in January, compared with the year before, smaller than the 3.4 percent annual rate notched in December, and oceans below the post-covid peak of 9.1 percent. (2)

Double oops, Katie.


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Mar 08

Not to mention Katie Britt is married to former NFL player Wesley Britt...not exactly your middle-class lifestyle I'm thinking.

And by the way, I hope we're all patronizing Baja la Luna Tex Mex restaurant in Jonestown...they are providing a good service to the community. And the food is great, especially my husband's favorite; pork chops!!!😋

Eileen W
Eileen W
Mar 08
Replying to

And…how apropos to give the rebuttal in her kitchen. Just where white christian men want to keep their women. I’m surprised there was not a light flashing on her cross! She seemed to wax poetic when describing the multiple rapes experienced by a woman, yet, she is endorsing and voting for a serial sexual molester (and raper)! Starting off with immigration was interesting as well seeing as she was on the committee that produced the conservative immigration bill that Trump opposes to keep immigration as the boogeyman for him. Arghh!

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