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Early voting begins 10/23! Here’s some voting info for you — where, when, and what

Updated: Oct 24

It’s time to head to the polls beginning on Oct 23. The ballot contains 14 constitutional amendments, ranging from property tax exemptions for child-care facilities (Prop 2) to abolishing the office of county treasurer in Galveston County (Prop 12). In addition, Travis County County has two bond propositions on the ballot. Prop A will invest in roads, and B in parks.

For Lago Vistans, voters can also decide on increasing funds for LV ISD teacher and staff pay, safety and security, and general operating expenses. This is LV ISD Proposition A.

Also, Lago, don’t forget to vote for your representatives for mayor and city council. North Shore Democrats is holding its Candidates’ Night beginning promptly at 6 pm on Tuesday,Oct 24, in the Bluebonnet Room of the LV POA Activity Center, 2601 American Drive.

Where and when can I vote?

This year, Lago Vistans can enjoy local early voting at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church (Fellowship Hall), 21900 FM Rd 1431. Early voters can also vote at any Travis County polling location.

Registered voters can vote at any Travis County voting location on Election Day. One does not have to vote only at one’s precinct location. Any Travis County location will work. Lago Vista High School and Bar-K Clubhouse will be voting locations in Lago Vista.

What does NSD recommend

Most of the propositions are positive, in our opinion. However, there are a couple of dogs, notably Prop 3, and Prop 7.

-- Prop 3 would prohibit a tax on the net worth of individuals. This ballot proposal reads: “The constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of an individual wealth or net worth tax, including a tax on the difference between the assets and liabilities of an individual or family.”

Prop 3 would hamstring any future legislature in raising revenue to serve Texas families. Vote NO.

-- Another barker is Prop 7, which would subsidizes further dependence on non-renewable energy resources. (Conservatives, arguing against renewable sources, often claim that government should not pick “winners” in business. Why Prop 7, then?)

-- Prop 4 is a big tax-cut proposal that would, among other things, more than double residential homestead property tax exemption, to $100,000 from $40,000. Vote YES.

-- Prop 6 would create the Texas Water Fund. That’s a hard YES.

Here are the recommendations of the Travis County Democratic Party:

  • YES on Prop 1: Right-to-Farm protection

  • YES on Prop 2: Incentivizes more childcare facilities

  • NO on Prop 3: Makes it harder to propose a wealth tax

  • YES on Prop 4: Property Tax Relief

  • YES on Prop 5: Creates the Texas University Fund

  • YES on Prop 6: Creates the Texas Water Fund

  • NO on Prop 7: Subsidizes further dependence on non-renewable energy resources

  • YES on Prop 8: Builds broadband infrastructure

  • YES on Prop 9: The first cost-of-living adjustment for retired teachers in 20 years

  • YES on Prop 10: Incentivizes more medical supply manufacturing in Texas

  • YES on Prop 11: Allows El Paso County to issue bonds for parks

  • Up to you (no recommendation) on Prop 12: Allows Galveston County to eliminate the office of Galveston County Treasurer

  • YES on Prop 13: Raises the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70-75 to 75-79. Prop 13 would allow experienced and competent justices and judges who were still willing and capable to continue to serve. Since Texas elects its judges, the electorate could hold accountable any judges who were not performing adequately at an older age

  • YES on Prop 14: Investing in state parks

  • YES on Travis County Bond Proposition A: Invests in much-needed road improvements

  • YES on Travis County Bond Proposition B: Helps create new parks across Travis County


  • Please vote YES on Lago Vista ISD Proposition A: Voter Approval Tax Rate Election, which, if passed, will raise some $800,000 that can be used for employee salaries, safety and security, and general daily ops. VATRE funds are exempt from Robin Hood payback, and will lower the overall tax rate



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