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14 propositions await Texas voters in November

Texas voters will decide in November upon 14 constitutional amendments, ranging from property tax exemptions for child-care facilities (Prop 2) to abolishing the office of county treasurer in Galveston County (Prop 12). In addition, Travis County County has two bond propositions on the ballot. Prop A will invest in roads, and B in parks.

Of particular note is Prop 3, which would prohibit a tax on the net worth of individuals. This ballot proposal reads: “The constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of an individual wealth or net worth tax, including a tax on the difference between the assets and liabilities of an individual or family.”

Prop 3 would hamstring any future legislature in raising revenue to serve Texas families.

Another one bound to draw attention, and likely strong support, is Prop 4, a big tax-cut proposal that would, among other things, more than double residential homestead property tax exemption, to $100,000 from $40,000.

There are a whopping 14 potential amendments to the Texas Constitution and 2 Travis County Bond Propositions on our ballots this year, and we get to decide on each of them.

Here are the recommendations of the Travis County Democratic Party:

  • YES on Prop 1: Right-to-Farm protection

  • YES on Prop 2: Incentivizes more childcare facilities

  • NO on Prop 3: Makes it harder to propose a wealth tax

  • YES on Prop 4: Property Tax Relief

  • YES on Prop 5: Creates the Texas University Fund

  • YES on Prop 6: Creates the Texas Water Fund

  • NO on Prop 7: Subsidizes further dependence on non-renewable energy resources

  • YES on Prop 8: Builds broadband infrastructure

  • YES on Prop 9: The first cost-of-living adjustment for retired teachers in 20 years

  • YES on Prop 10: Incentivizes more medical supply manufacturing in Texas

  • YES on Prop 11: Allows El Paso County to issue bonds for parks

  • Up to you (no recommendation) on Prop 12: Allows Galveston County to eliminate the office of Galveston County Treasurer

  • YES on Prop 13: Raises the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70-75 to 75-79

  • YES on Prop 14: Investing in state parks

  • YES on Travis County Bond Proposition A: Invests in much-needed road improvements

  • YES on Travis County Bond Proposition B: Helps create new parks across Travis County


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