Women's March ATX

Women's March ATX

Quilt maker Joy Smith picks the winner of NSD’s quilt raffle on zoom July 30, 2021. Ticket-holders (clockwise) Joan Carney, Anne Ochoa, Holly Jackson, and Maggie Ellis look on.

The winner of NSD’s July 30, 2021 quilt raffle drawing is Julia Stewart! On zoom (clockwise) Joy Smith holding the winning ticket, with Joan Carney, Anne Ochoa, Holly Jackson, and Maggie Ellis.

Beto O’Rourke and 2021-22 club president Mike Boyette





Connie Medez - 861C147D-7695-467B-9AEA-C1E6179689FC

Connie Medez - 861C147D-7695-467B-9AEA-C1E6179689FC


About the North Shore Democrats

North Shore Democrats of Travis County hold quarterly Meet & Greets in Lago Vista with guest speakers, candidates and our elected officials. We also sponsor political and social events throughout the year. Click here to receive notifications.

Mission statement

The mission of the North Shore Democrats of Travis County is to support and promote Democratic values in our community. We provide opportunities to meet candidates who share these values and we support free and fair elections so that every vote counts. We encourage open and free exchange of ideas among future voters, new voters, and adults of all circumstance and age. Through our efforts, public officeholders will be elected who support our values: freedom, equality, opportunity, security, responsibility, justice, and community.

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The Texas Legislature is at it again!

If their proposed maps get approved we stand to loose both Rep Vikki Goodwin and Senator Sarah Eckhardt. Take a look at the maps the Republican-controlled redistricting Committees have proposed!

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