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Travis County GOP anti-vote effort foiled by vigilant TC Democratic Party

Travis County GOP failed to meet a key deadline at the beginning of January to secure resources for their MAGA-election-denying-conspiracy-driven campaign to end countywide voting and require the hand counting of all ballots in the 2024 primary, reported Kate Naranjo, chair, Travis County Democratic Party.

Further, Travis County-wise, the local GOP is only weakly entering the March primary, with fewer candidates and precinct chairs across the board, among other disadvantages, as the graphic above shows. 

“After months of holding the Democratic Primary hostage, it turns out the Travis County Republicans are all hat and no cattle, she remarked.

“They failed to secure the volunteers, funding, and the location needed to hand count every early vote ballot. This is a key victory for all voters of Travis County. “

Naranjo credited the victor to TCDP’s “amazing” legal team led by Jim Cousar, supported by Chuck Herring, and "with the heroic help of Jenna Royal,” voter protection director at the Texas Democratic Party.

“We could not have advocated so fiercely to preserve our democratic election institutions without each person’s time and effort,” Naranjo commented.

The Republicans had insisted on limiting voting locations for the March primary, and taking ballot counting back to the 18th Century. Travis County GOP officials had been pushing to count ballots by hand. A spokesperson for Texas Secretary of State Jane Nelson confirmed to KUT last week that that would have eliminated countywide voting. (1)


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GOP is so busy trying to disrupt voting that they lack the energy or the ambition to run the State.

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