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Theresa Boisseau, Dem candidate for US Congress, District 10, stands tall against would-be autocrats

Theresa Boisseau stands tall against those who would destroy our democracy and establish a dictatorship. Boisseau is the Democratic candidate for US Congressional District 10, representing the North Shore.

“We must show those with contempt for American democracy, those who mock it and decry it, that they cannot remove the franchise from those they hate,” Boisseau stoutly declared, speaking at the June 15 NSD Meet & Greet, themed “Protecting Democracy.”

“We must show these people that they are wrong.”

(Listen to Theresa Boisseau’s full speech here: )

Boisseau, rather than demonizing the GOP, takes the higher road — “The only way to save our democratic republic is to save the Republican Party from itself,” she said. “We have to defeat every elected Republican comprehensively at the ballot box this November.

“The cavalry is not coming. We are the cavalry.”

She is reaching out to opponents, starting with the anti-Trumpers. “There are many principled Republicans who have been abandoned by their party.”

At the same time, she sees change throughout the district from conversations during her extensive road trips around the district. 

“They will tell you there is a ravenous appetite for change,” she said. “There is anger at our rights being taken, there is a desperate need for people to be heard, and they are not getting that from the incumbent at all. If we work together, with your support we shall win this race,”

Tune into Youtube to hear Boisseau’s entire talk at


Theresa Boisseau’s website:

Listen to Theresa Boisseau’s full speech here:

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