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Ted Can-Cruz wrote and is pushing legislation to give him and other big shots elite treatment at airports

Wouldn’t it be great to have a law allowing you to have a private escort through airports, so those pesky photographers can’t catch you running from your responsibilities to sunny Mexico?

Ted Can-Cruz seems to think so. According to the Dallas Morning News, and Politico, Texas’s junior senator set as a “top priority” passing legislation that would enable him to have such an escort. (1)

Can -Cruz runs away from bis constituents woes

Can-Cruz was caught on camera running away to sunny Mexico while millions in his home state were enduring record-shattering, deadly cold. Can-Cruz was spotted aboard his flight leaving from Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport, en route to Cancun. An alert bystander shot an excellent photo of Can-Cruz making his escape.

AOC vs Cowardly Can-Cruz

In contrast to Can-Cruz’s cowardly abandonment of his constituents, New York Democrat Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez raised $5 million for the Texas victims of the winter storm. (2)

Thanks, AOC! Glad someone cares.

Can-Cruz seeks elite treatment for big shots

The Can-Cruz amendment, Politico reports, would offer lawmakers a dedicated security escort at airports, along with expedited screening outside of public view. The bill also affords the same treatment to federal judges and Cabinet members, “as well as a limited number of their family and staff. (3)

And the elites are Democrats? Think again.

If enacted into law, this amendment could make it much less likely that the politicians’ comings and goings would become fodder for embarrassing news reports and late-night comedy mockery. Sorry, Stephen Colbert! 

When the the Dallas paper reached out to Can-Cruz for an explanation, he “did not return The Watchdog’s call for comment,” the article said.

Can-Cruz introduced language into the Federal Aviation Administration’s funding bill. And despite some derision against him, the language remains in the bill

When Politico asked about the need for his amendment, Cruz told Politico that it’s about ensuring that political VIPs aren’t endangered as they pass through public spaces in airports. The draft says the extra security would be available to those who are currently or have previously “been the subject of a threat.”

Was Can-Cruz threatened? By a camera? 

There are “serious security threats facing public officials,” Cruz said Tuesday. “It’s important that we take reasonable measures to keep everyone safe.”

But the head of a nonprofit representing airport police said Cruz’s proposal would be “a burden to airport police agencies,” especially because federal budgets already do not adequately fund airport police units.

It would also divert police from “crime suppression and security functions at airports, which is our fundamental duty,” said Kevin Murphy, executive director of the Airport Law Enforcement Agencies Network.

Dump this chump, people. Elect Colin Allred as our US senator.


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