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'Strongman' rule a fantasy that will only abuse the citizens

Sick of political bickering, and think a “strongman” or “dictator” would be an improvement? Take a Big Think about that again! Historian Timothy Snyder lived in Eastern Europe post-Soviet occupation.

“I have seen death pits, some old, some freshly dug,” he writes on his Substack blog. “And I have friends who have lived under authoritarian regimes, including political prisoners and survivors of torture. Some of the people I trusted most have been assassinated.”

His conclusion? “Strongman rule is a fantasy.  Essential to it is the idea that a strongman will be your strongman.  He won't.  In a democracy, elected representatives listen to constituents.  We take this for granted, and imagine that a dictator would owe us something. But the vote you cast for him affirms your irrelevance.  The whole point is that the strongman owes us nothing.  We get abused and we get used to it.”

Save yourself and all of us from MAGA and GOP extremists. VOTE them out!

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Mar 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A vote for Trump is a vote for the demise of Democracy.

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