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Right wing’s Project 2025 would end reproductive freedom, LGBTQI+ rights, environmental policies

The right wing’s proposed Project 2025 is a radical nightmare for America, ending many hard-won rights, as well as weaponizing the Department of Justice and eliminating the civil service. Project 2025 is designed to be implemented in the first 180 days of a GOP presidency. (1)

The far right has made public its plans for an ‘ideal’ America if one of their allies wins the 2024 presidential election in its 2025 Presidential Transition Project. Project 2025 is spearheaded by the far-right think tank Heritage Foundation and supported by more than 80 organizations, many well-known for their extreme positions, and for pushing hate and Christian nationalism. The authors and supporters of Project 2025 claim this plan will “rescue the country” from “elite rule and woke cultural warriors.” (2,3)

Project 2025 is led by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, alongside the America First Policy Institute.

Here are some key elements of the plan: (4)

  • Eliminating LGBTQI+ rights

  • Eradicating federal funding for DEI programs. Participation in any critical race theory or DEI initiative will be grounds for termination of government employees

  • Ending reproductive freedom and replacing the Department of Health and Human Services with the “Department of Life”

  • Ending climate change and environmental policies by shutting down the Office of Domestic Climate Policy, the Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, the Office of Environmental Justice, and External Civil Rights, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to name a few. Climate science will no longer be used in National Security

  • Slashing of the Department of Justice and dismantling the FBI and replacing their traditional independence from political pressure with fealty to the administration

  • Purging the government of apolitical civil servants by firing as many as 50,000 and hiring replacements from a database of personnel vetted for conservative values and loyalty, a “Conservative Linked In.” Successful candidates will undergo training at a “Presidential Training Academy” and be furnished “with the insight, background knowledge, and expertise in governance to immediately begin rolling back destructive policy and advancing conservative ideas in the federal government”

  • Eliminating the checks and balances built into three branches of government in favor of expanded control by the executive branch

  • Replacing the Department of Homeland Security with a 100,000-worker-strong immigration department, militarization of the border and an end to refugee programs

  • Fundamentally altering American diplomacy to push anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ+ agendas, adopt a “human rights” regime distinct from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and abandon international organizations and traditional diplomatic and security alliances

Once again, the right wing seeks to steal Americans’ rights. Let’s not let them.


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May 21
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Why is it so hard to gain rights and so easy to take them away?

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