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Primaries are over: The rubber is meeting the road in this BOAT election year

by Mike Killalea, NSD president

In this historic year we will experience our BOAT election — Biggest of All Time. Folks, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Are you prepared to protect democracy? Join us on April 13 for NSD’s Annual Meeting and thought-provoking presentations at our Meet & Greet.

Hear candidates for state Senate and Court of Appeals

Our featured speakers are Dr Merrie Fox, candidate for state Senate District 25, which represents the North Shore, and Maggie Ellis, candidate in the May Democratic runoff for Texas 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 2.

Vote for NSD officers & budget

And you can speak your mind at our one and only Annual Meeting for 2024. This is your opportunity to elect NSD officers for the coming year, and approve the club’s budget.

Get on the BOAT!

Nobody really wanted this BOAT election. But the BOAT is making harbor, and we better get on it, if we wish to preserve democracy and everything that is good about this country.

We face a binary choice between freedom and competence in government, and fascism and chaos in our rulers.

Thanks for asking, Katie!

I never thought that I would quote somebody like Katie Britt. She foolishly asked if Americans were better off than four years ago. Well… hell, yes! Remember 2020? Rampant COVID-19, Americans dying by the tens of thousands, a White House making war on “blue” states, and 6.7 percent unemployment.

Uh, yeah, Katie, I am better off today. Thanks for asking. 

Let’s finish the job!

Let’s finish the job President Biden and Vice President Harris have begun. Let’s kick Ted Cruz out, and elect Colin Allred as our new Senator from Texas.

Let’s kick out Ellen Troxclair and Donna Campbell, and elect Dwain Handley and Dr Merrie Fox.

Forget making America great again, because MAGA is based on myth. Let’s concentrate on making America good.

I’ve been honored to serve as NSD president over the past year. I know that the next president, whether me or someone else, will continue our proud tradition of fighting for a Blue Texas.

Join us in the fight

The fight, statewide and nationally, won’t be an easy one, but the GOP has shot itself in its collective foot so many times nearly all GOP news is good news for us.

Like the Patsy Cline song, the GOP argument has fallen to pieces

Consider how the GOP argument has fallen to pieces (courtesy of Simon Rosenberg’s Hopium Chronicles):

  • The economy is remarkably strong, not weak

  • Inflation has come way down, not soaring

  • Crime and murder rates are down across the US, not raging

  • Domestic oil and renewable production is setting records, and US is more energy independent than in decades — there is no “war on energy” causing rising gas prices and loss of independence

  • Democrats are for order at the border, GOP are for Trumpian chaos

  • The “Biden crime family” narrative was a fake Russian info op, once again laundered by Republican useful idiots

  • And now we see from the State of The Union address that Biden is strong, smart and vigorous; and it turns out, of course, that Republican Special Counsel lied about Biden’s memory challenges

Check out the key items from their putrid agenda, in Rosenberg summary:

“They have their ridiculous agenda - fealty to Putin, ending of American democracy, national abortion ban, cutting Social Security and Medicare, stripping health care from tens of millions, 10% tariffs which raise prices on all goods/destroy the global economy/end American prosperity, more tax cuts for those who don’t need it and less for everyone else, more dead kids in schools, the planet to warm faster, mass arrests and deportations….”

These evil plans are like nothing the American people wish — unless it’s an “American” sporting a swastika armband. 

Join us on April 13. It’s your club, and if it’s not, it’s easy to join.

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