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Pence, first VP in more than 80 years to run against old boss, proves he has more guts than Cruz

Donald Trump’s Vice President refusing to endorse him is a big deal, and overly cynical Democrats like myself shouldn't dismiss it outright, writes blogger Dan Pfeiffer on Substack. (1)

When Mike Pence filed paperwork to run for President, it made him the first former Vice President  in more than 80 years to run against the President under whom he served, and only the third ever to do so. (2)

“We haven’t had anything like this before,” says Joel Goldstein, an expert on the history of American Vice Presidents and law professor emeritus at Saint Louis University. (2)

Pence has been moderately critical of Trump since he left the White House, wrote Pfeiffer. “But plenty of Republicans have criticized Trump and then bent the knee.

“After Trump called Ted Cruz’s wife ugly and accused his dad of killing John F Kennedy, Cruz went to the Republican convention and encouraged the delegates to abandon Trump. Cruz endorsed Trump within a matter of weeks.”

That’s our brave Ted, all right. :(

Kick Ted out, and elect Colin Allred!


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Eileen W
Eileen W
Mar 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Pence is not voting for Trump because Trump isn’t upholding conservative agenda according to him, not because Trump is evil and deranged.

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