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‘Overrated’ Trump Mideast Peace Plan helped bring on current catastrophe, article says

Calling the Trump Administration’s much-ballyhooed Middle East peace plan “overrated,” the Daily Beast suggests the 2020 Abraham Accords bear at least some responsibility for the current war in Gaza and Israel (1).

The upshot of the article is that the accords leaned far too heavily in Israel’s direction, while cutting support for the Palestinians. The accords, according to the Beast, “threw America’s weight” behind Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “squeeze-and-ignore” treatment of the Palestinians. Trump also officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. embassy there. This overturned more than 40 years of American policy. Under the 1979 Camp David Accords, negotiated by President Jimmy Carter, the city was considered disputed, given Palestinian claims to a capital in East Jerusalem (1).

The Beast also reminds us that Trump also cut $25 million in US support for Palestinian hospitals, and $200 million from the UN Relief and Works Agency, which has helped displaced Palestinians and their descendants since 1949. In early 2020, Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner put out a “peace plan” that mostly just proposed giving Israel what it wants and dismissing Palestinian concerns (1).

As for Netanyahu, a new article in Time discusses how the PM himself undermined Israeli security (2).


Note: For the Beast, one can sign up for a free subscription to read the article.

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