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Is the Texas Power Grid Really Fixed?

The Austin American-Statesman recently published an article about a report on the health of our grid. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's report concludes that the grid is almost as susceptible to collapse in extreme winter weather as it was in February of 2021.

The Public Utility Commission disputes the Federal report, claiming that it contains (unspecified) inaccuracies. ERCOT points to a single statement in the FERC report that it says is inaccurate.

So, whose side of the story should you believe? If you don't believe the reassurances of our current state leaders -- remember how Greg Abbott's first response to the power outages was to go on the Fox propaganda network and blame renewable energy sources -- you can choose new leadership. Not only can you vote for Beto O'Rourke, Mike Collier, and Rochelle Garza to replace the top three incumbents -- but Luke Warford is a Democrat running for Railroad Commission, on a platform of fixing the grid for real.

Read the full Statesman article here.

Go to Luke Warford's campaign website here.

Oh, and be sure to stock up on firewood, batteries, and drinking water....

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