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Democrats have a great story to tell for 2024

By Mike Killalea, NSD president

Democrats have a terrific story to tell this election year. President Biden and his team continue to excel as our leaders. Don’t let the MAGA GOP tell you otherwise. Put these facts from Simon Rosenberg, Hopium Chronicles, in your back pocket (1). They counter the hysterical lies the right wing is propagating:

  • The economy is terrible: C’mon — It’s among the best in the modern era!

  • Inflation is ravaging American workers: Inflation is way down, prices are falling, real wages are increasing more rapidly now than in decades; and the big spike we saw in inflation and gas prices in 2022 was caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and OPEC, not Joe Biden

  • Crime is spiraling out of control: Violent crime and murder rates have plummeted across the US and are a fraction of what they were 30 years ago. Other than mass shootings America is far safer today

  • The President’s “war on energy” caused inflation to spike, and loss of American energy independence: This is so laughable. We saw record domestic production of oil, gas and renewables in 2023, making the US more energy independent than it’s been in decades. If Biden waged a war on energy it was a huge failure

  • Biden is corrupt: That one went up in flames, spectacularly, last week, and pushed the deeply damaging “GOP is a Russian tool” narrative back into the news. Meanwhile, Trump has been indicted more than 90 times, and his corrupt business practices are costing him his business.

  • Open Borders!!!! With Trump blocking a sensible border deal, it is now he who is seeking chaos and immigrants flowing into our cites, and it is Biden working diligently, across party lines, to bring order to the border and a more orderly flow of immigrants to America. We are now the party of order, and Republicans the party of chaos, something that will be reinforced if the government shuts down (2) and they keep denying Ukraine the aid we must provide. This emerging frame of order/normalcy/patriotism vs chaos/extremism/betrayal of the country is something we need to keep exploring.


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