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As Legislature adjourns, "Texans Deserved More"

In case you missed it, Austin American-Statesman's Metro columnist Bridget Grumet published an excellent summary of this year's Texas legislative session under the headline "Texans Deserved More This Session" (5/28). Her column begins by nostalgically recalling the $33 billion surplus that earlier this year, raised the possibility of addressing many pressing needs. But the session ended with Republican infighting, the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton (it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy), Republican victories on culture-war issues, and more intrusive government. But alas, many of those truly pressing needs remained ignored and unmet.

But they are not quite done yet -- it's almost certain that Gov. Abbott will call a special session because he didn't get the school voucher bill that he spent so much political capital promoting. So the circus will probably return to town before long, and stay until Abbott gets a bill that lets taxpayers help parents send their kids to private schools (while public schools and the teachers that work in them continue to be underfunded).

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