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Ahead of 2024 Election, Texas Democratic Party Launches the Beat Cruz War Room

New TDP-powered effort will centralize in-state opposition research and mass mobilization against Senator Ted Cruz

The Texas Democratic Party is formally launching on July 13 the Beat Cruz War Room (BCWR), a brand-new effort powered by the TDP to centralize opposition research and mass mobilization against Senator Ted Cruz ahead of his 2024 re-election campaign.

“From voting to deny injured Texas veterans of desperately-needed healthcare, to voting against infrastructure funds for our state, to fleeing the state for a Cancun beach resort during the 2021 winter freeze that killed hundreds of his constituents – Texans have had enough of Ted Cruz’s bullshit,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. “We’re proud to launch the Beat Cruz War Room to keep constant tabs on Senator Cruz – on the airwaves, on social media, in public records, and on the campaign trail – so we can make sure Texas voters know the fraudulent clown they have ‘representing’ them in Washington. No matter who our nominee ends up being, with the help of the Beat Cruz War Room, we’re going to send Ted Cruz packing – back to his preferred Cancun resort, his plush podcast studio, campaigning for other far-right extremists in random states, or wherever the hell else he currently goes from 9 to 5 when he’s supposed to be working for us. We cannot continue to leave vacant a seat meant to diligently represent 30 million hardworking Texans.”

The BCWR will comprise a group of political strategists and researchers working tirelessly to ensure that Ted Cruz loses in 2024. The team will be made up of experienced operatives who are well-versed in opposition research, candidate tracking, and strategic bilingual messaging.

The BCWR’s efforts will be aimed at dismantling Senator Cruz's arcane, backwards agenda and political theater and replacing him with a Senator who’s reflective of – and ready to work for – the hardworking families of Texas.

The BCWR will be the only zero-profit effort specifically targeted at weakening Ted Cruz ahead of his 2024 re-election – and the only financially transparent and accountable organization of its kind. In addition, due to the BCWR’s special status through the Texas Democratic Party, it will be the only Cruz research opposition outfit able to directly coordinate with our eventual Democratic nominee.

You can find the BCWR on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, and Facebook. The BCWR website can be found here.

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