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Abbott delays Nov 7 vote certification; now lawsuits delay COLA for retired teachers, tax relief

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Several lawsuits based on false claims about voting equipment threatens to delay both millions in cost-of-living increases for retired teachers, and property-tax relief for homeowners (1, 2). Property-tax cuts were a major legislative goal.

“Though these lawsuits appear to be meritless for many reasons, the mere filing of them, by statute, puts all the amendments on hold until the suits are resolved,” wrote the Texas Retired Teachers Association.

The Texas Democratic Party charged that Greg Abbott neglected to certify the Nov 7 election results — jeopardizing the fate of nearly half a million retired teachers’ COLA adjustment and property tax code relief for Texans in limbo despite voters approving the amendments with an overwhelming majority (3).

Because the election results are not certified, Abbott cannot now do so until the lawsuits are resolved. Experts say this could take weeks or month, according to the Texas Tribune.

“[The lawsuits] are based on false claims that Texas’ voting equipment is not certified and that voting machines are connected to the internet,” wrote Tribune author Natalia Contreras.

“Voters made their voices loud and clear when declaring their support for a COLA for retired teachers and property tax relief in last month’s election – and Greg Abbott thought skydiving was more important than certifying these election results,” said TDP Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa. Abbott famously did an sky dive in late November.

The lawsuits challenging the results of the November constitutional amendment election were filed in Travis County district courts days after the November election by right-wing activists, according to the Tribune.

Six lawsuits have been reported. Election-challenge suits cannot be heard for at least 30 days after they are filed. Based on the filing dates, the first hearing cannot be before December 8. Some cannot be heard before December 18. (1)

To head off the lawsuits at the pass, the Texas Senate hastily passed SB6, which will narrow the window to challenge the results of a constitutional amendment election (4, 5).



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