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Vote for VATRE: Give LV ISD $$$ for teacher pay, safety and security, and keep more $$$ here

Democrats strongly support raising teacher pay, and supporting our public schools. That’s why the North Shore Democrats of Travis County urge our fellow citizens to learn about and vote for Lago Vista ISD Proposition A. The proposition will be on the November ballot.

This blog contains a video produced by LV ISD,* in which Superintendent Darren Webb explains the ins and outs of VATRE.

LVISD has called for a Voter Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE). If passed, VATRE will generate roughly an additional $800,000 for our schools. This increased revenue can and will be used for employee compensation (not just teachers), safety and security, and general daily operations, according to Darren Webb, LV ISD superintendent.

Counterintuitively, taxes will not increase, he said. Instead, the total ISD tax rate will be reduced, resulting in a win-win scenario, Mr Webb explained.

“If the VATRE is approved by voters, tax rates will go down 16.5 cents per $100 of valuation instead of 18.5 cents,” the district states on its website. “Tax rates will still go down from last year.”

Best of all, the VATRE revenue is exempt from Robin Hood, unlike general revenues, Mr Webb said. The district must, under Robin Hood rules, return money to the state for redistribution. Those amounts were about $13 million in 2021, and $10 million last year. So VATRE dollars are retained entirely within the district.

While the district has previously passed bonds, those funds can only be used for capital projects. Bonds cannot by law be used for operating expenses and salaries.

You can hear Webb explain VATRE live at 6:30 pm Wednesday, Nov 11, at the Performing Arts Center of LV High School and beginning at 6:30 pm.

Early voting is from October 23 through November 3, Monday - Saturday, 7 am - 7 pm; Sunday, noon - 6. pm. Election Day is November 7.

Links & Acknowledgements:

* Video courtesy of Lago Vista Independent School District

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