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"Sleepy Joe" is actually having a pretty good year!

April – President Biden appointed the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.

June – He signed the first meaningful gun reform legislation in decades.

2 weeks ago – He authorized drone strike that killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri with no collateral casualties or risks to American troops.

Aug. 9 – He signed the membership protocols for Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

Aug. 9 – He signed the CHIPS Act, which will strengthen competitiveness of the US chipmaking industry and reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.

Aug 10 – He signed the Burn Pit bill to provide needed healthcare for Veterans exposed to toxic burn pits while deployed overseas.

Aug. 16 – He signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes the most significant climate change legislation ever; caps some medical and drug expenses; allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices; reduces the deficit; and pays for it all by closing tax loopholes and imposing a minimum corporate tax.

And all this with the narrowest of vote margins in the House and Senate, defying total Republican obstructionism.

And, average gas prices have declined for more than 62 days straight.

As Democrats, we should be proud of President Biden and Democratic lawmakers who made all this happen, and support all Democratic candidates in the November election, which is less than 90 days away.

Our thanks to Rachel Maddow who aired the list on her August 15th show and to Jack Alford for writing it up.

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