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Michael Moore on Trump's Arraignment

The big news in US politics over the past couple of weeks has been the indictment and arraignment in New York City of Donald Trump, on 34 counts relating to falsification of business records in the hush money payoffs to a porn star, a Playmate, and a doorman. Although Trump has spent most of his life suing and being sued in civil cases, this is his first brush with the criminal justice system. While this case may drag on in the courts for years, and a conviction is by no means assured, the NYC District Attorney has at least taken a stand for the principle that no one is above the law, even a former president. And we all get to speculate on how this indictment, and possibly others to follow, will affect Trump's standing as the front-running Republican candidate for next year's presidential election.

All the political pundits and bloggers have written about this unprecedented set of events, and we will probably share links to some of the most interesting ones. Today, we're posting a link to Michael Moore's blog. As you probably know, Michael Moore doesn't mince words, and has strong opinions about Trump. So, if you prefer to stick to more fact-based, objective coverage, you might want to skip it. But if you relish the possibility of Trump finally being held to account for at least some of his misdeeds, then you might enjoy Moore's piece.

Click here to go straight to Michael Moore's blog page.

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