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Vote for Wang, Hanna, Lavine for TEC Appraisal District BOD; early voting begins today

Early voting begins today, April 22, and continues through April 30. Election Day is May 4. 

The only item on the ballot for the North Shore is the election of three new board members to the previously appointed Travis County Appraisal District Board of Directors.

NSD endorses Daniel Wang, Jett Hanna, and Dick Lavine. The election is non-partisan, so there are no political labels — only the candidates’ names.

Republicans are trying to seize control of what had been a nonpartisan board. The result will be a politicized TCAD Board.

The right-wing agenda will:

— Threaten fair valuations for low-income taxpayers

— Create chaos for local governments

— Jeopardize funding for public services from public safety to public schools

Please review the info in the links below. 

Wang, Hanna, Lavine

Even a cursory review of the qualifications of candidates in this May 4 race clearly shows the superior abilities and skills of Wang, Hanna, and Lavine.

But you be the judge. In addition to Wang (Place 2), Hanna, (Place 1), and Lavine (Place 3), there are three Republicans and one Libertarian on the ballot. Wang, Hanna, and Lavine have oodles of relevant experience, while their opponents are basically political hacks — that is, when we could find any info on them.


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