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Sullivan elected LV mayor; LV ISD VATRE passes 3 to 1

Voters overwhelmingly voted for greater investment in education, roads, parks, and infrastructure, while voting for change in Lago Vista. Kevin Sullivan won a solid plurality of 48%, and thus grabbed Lago Vista's mayoral crown.

The election proved good for LV ISD, as well. The ISD’s VATRE proposal passed nearly three to one. More than 72% of voters approved VATRE, which will provide some $800,000, exempt from Robin Hood payback, for use on salaries and safety and security. (Safety and security spending was mandated by the Legislature, in lieu of taking actual action on gun safety.)

Incumbent Mayor Edward “Ed” Tidwell won nearly 40% of the vote, while Jim Peck picked up just shy of 12%.

The winning candidates for Council Places 1 and 3, Shane Saum and incumbent Rob Durbin, respectively, each won about two-thirds of the vote. Incumbent Place 5 Councilman Paul Roberts was unopposed, and handily reelected.

The new mayor and councilmen will take office at the next regular meeting of the LV city council (1).

LV ISD also had two Board of Trustee seats up for grabs. However, only Place 4 was contested. Incumbent Rich Raley was returned to office with 52% of the vote, besting opponent Brian Caller. Unopposed Place 4 Trustee Greg Zeleski was returned to office.

Texas voters opt for progress!

Texas voters approved 13 of 14 propositions, which included measures to create funds for water, broadband, cost of living adjustments for retired teachers, parks, and more. Only Prop 13, which sought to increase to 79 years old the mandatory retirement age of state judges, went down to ignominious defeat — 63% opposed.

A good day for Dems

Overall, November 7 proved that Democratic goals are aligned with those of the American public. In Kentucky, a Democratic governor was reelected. In Ohio, voters approved a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights; and in Virginia, Democrats held on to the state Senate, and also took over the House of Delegates.



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