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Prelude to NY fraud trial looks bleak for orange man

The latest rulings in his New York fraud trial could not have gone worse for Trump, writes Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post. Judge Juan M Merchan turned thumbs down on nearly all Trump’s motions to exclude evidenced, while pretty much okaying the DA’s motions to excluded so-called evidence that Trump thought might be exculpatory, she wrote.

"That does not bode well for Trump’s chances to avoid conviction when the case goes to trial, likely in a few weeks,” Rubin concluded.

As an example of the ridiculous — and possibly desperate — motions orange man submitted included one to exclude testimony of former fixer Michael Cohen on the grounds Cohen is “a liar.”

Said the judge: “This Court has been unable to locate any treatise, statute, or holding from courts in this jurisdiction, or others, that support Defendant’s rationale that a prosecution witness should be kept off the witness stand because his credibility has been previously called into question.”

Trump’s lawyers can cross-examine Cohen at trial.


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