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Latest Everytown study confirms: The more lax the gun laws, the higher the body count

There’s nothing counterintuitive about it. The worse (more lax) the state’s gun law, the more who die from guns. This from the 2024 Everytown Gun Law Rankings, produced by Everytown Research & Policy. (1)

“We compared gun policy across the country, scoring every state on the strength of its gun laws and comparing it with its rate of gun violence. In states where elected officials have taken action to pass gun safety laws, fewer people die by gun violence,” the report reads.

Texas: 32 of 50, with 'weak system'

Texas ranks 32 out of 50, categorized by Everytown as having a “weak system.”

Number 1, the safest state, is California, with New York and Illinois in the 2 and 3 spots.

The least safe state, according to the EVerytown study, is Arkansas, with Mississippi and Idaho as numbers 49 and 48, respectively.

Everytown describes those states, along with Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Alaska, Arizona, Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Dakota, Georgia, Montana, as “national failures.”

The chart shown above is interactive on Everytown's website. (1)


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