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Here are the Texas Dems who filed to run in ’24; Blue running strong, contesting more races than eve

The deadline for filing to run in 2024 has passed, and the roster of candidates is available for Lone Star Left and from the Texas Secretary of State’s website. (1,2)

Here are some of the main Democratic candidates of interest for our area (links provided by candidates included, when available):

US Senate (vs Ted Can-cruz):

Several of these candidates have been invited to NSD’s US Senate Night on Jan 13. (4-6 pm, Bluebonnet Room, LV POA Activity Center, 2601 American Drive) (3)

Texas Railroad Commission

US Congress, District 10

Texas state Senate, District 25

Texas state House, District 19

  • Dwain Handley

  • Zack Vance

Texas Supreme Court

Seat 2:

Seat 4:

Notes on selected races

Zach Vance, candidate for Texas House District 19, apparently has switched parties from Republican. According to Ballotpedia, Vance ran and lost in the 2022 Republican primary for lieutenant governor. (4)

Bill Burch, candidate for Texas Railroad Commission, was a 2012 Republican candidate who sought election to the US House representing the 25th Congressional District of Texas. (5)

Watch this space for updates on candidates, and intros to judicial candidates.

Overall, Democrats are running strong for this election, contesting every available office statewide, on the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, State Board of Education, Texas Senate, as well as 84% of seats in the Texas House.(6)


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