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Stop Republican takeover of Travis County Appraisals District Board on May 4th!

Updated: Mar 19

Vote in the May Local Election for the well-qualified Democrats running against Republican opponents for three new seats on the District Board of Directors, Here is the background and WHY YOU NEED TO VOTE!

“In a sneak attack on local control/local government, when we voted for larger homestead exemptions in November, we unknowingly voted to have three elected officials on the County Appraisals Districts Board of Directors in the top 20 counties in Texas.

The appraisal process for the purpose of determining property values against which local jurisdictions apply their tax rates is an administrative/mathematical process.  Currently, all of the boards of directors are appointed by the local taxing jurisdictions - Counties, School Districts, Cities and special districts.”

With the November, 2023 election, that has now changed!

“There are three Republicans running:  Matt Mackowiak, Chair of the Travis County Republican Party, the eternal Don Zimmerman and Bill May.  There is also one Libertarian running.

We have three outstanding democratic candidates running:  Jett Hanna, Dick Levine and Daniel Wang. All of these men work tirelessly for their community, they are smart, experienced and are highly principled and ethical citizens.  This election is not on anyone's radar and it will go fast and these candidates need folks to sign up as supporters and volunteers.  And of course, they need money and they need it fast in order to get their message out and to turn out democratic voters… 


We have to stop this effort to politicize the Travis County Appraisal District.”

- Cecelia Burke, formerly Director of Domestic Relations, Travis County

Thank you Saundra Ragona, NetCoDems, for forwarding this info to us.

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Mar 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for making me aware of this election. Sounds like a good first outing for REACH to get my friends out to vote in this potentially poor turnout election!

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